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Autrey's Goal Line Field Paint

Varsity Lineman Chute

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Great for drive blocking and other basic drills, the Football Lineman Chute trains linemen to maintain a low center of gravity with every snap of the ball. Elevating the hips for a strong forward push, the chute encourages linemen to break out of their stances properly. Defensive players are forced to keep their heads down by the chute's helmet guards, so when the time does come to explode across the line of scrimmage, they can keep their balance while staying low to the ground.


      • Heavy-duty steel construction provides teams with reliable practice equipment
      • Used to position linemen into the proper form for drive blocks
      • Framework encourages athletes to stay low, elevate their hips and find their balance as they move forward
      • Equipped for additional chutes for a multi-player lineup
      • Activity: Football
      • Coach's Platform: No
      • Color: Silver
      • Color Family: Gray
      • Lean Bar: No
      • Material: Steel


Teach players to fire out low and strike on the rise. Each chute is made of heavy-walled 1 5/8" Powder Coated steel tubing.  Entrance height is fixed at 40" and exit height is fixed at 48" Assembled dimensions: 50"L x 50"W. Includes hardware to link multiple chutes together.