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Umpire Combo Pack

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Make sure your ump is prepared to make accurate calls throughout the game by providing him or her with this MacGregor® #2 Umpire Pack. The umpire can create a clear target for the pitcher and base runners by using the plate brush to sweep infield dirt and debris off of home plate, while the four-way indicator enables simple tracking of the number of balls, strikes, outs and innings to keep the on-field action flowing smoothly. With the included ball bag, officials can have a steady supply of extra balls within easy reach. 

      • Pack comes with essential items to help umpires call baseball and softball games
      • Four-way indicator records balls, strikes, outs and innings for accurate officiating
      • Plate brush can be used to keep home plate clear of dirt and debris
      • Ball bag allows convenient storage of extra balls (not included)
      • Activity: Baseball/Softball
      • Brand: MacGregor®
      • Color: Black, Brown, White
      • Color Family: Multi
      • Quantity: 1

Boxed set includes:

    • Plate brush (MCB91XXX)
    • Ball bag (balls not included)
    • 4-way indicator