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Pro Down

Snapper Stick

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Improve your offensive line's response time and reaction to the snap using the Pro Down Football Snapper Stick, which simulates the snapping motion to test players' response to the movement of the ball rather than the quarterback's cadence. With enhanced observation skills, players will be able avoid false starts and strengthen the team's performance. The telescoping stick extends, so special teams coaches can view the entire play while standing rather than kneeling.


      • Lightweight, durable aluminum pole enables easy maneuvering
      • Special teams coaches can stand rather than kneel for a clear view and reduced back strain
      • Sturdy foam football is bright yellow for enhanced visibility
      • Telescoping design extends from 30 - 60 in. to allow the coach to stand in different positions
      • Trains offensive linemen to react quickly to the snap
      • Activity: Football
      • Brand: Pro Down
      • Color: Silver, Yellow
      • Color Family: Gray
      • Material: Aluminum
      • Product Length: 60 in.
      • Product Type: Snapper stick
      • Product Use/Compatibility: Football training
      • Product Weight: 0.924 lb.



    • Aluminum pole with foam rubber football
    • Teach players to react to ball movement not cadence
    • Telescoping aluminum pole extends from 30" to 60"
    • Allows coach to stand instead of kneeling