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Autrey's Goal Line Field Paint

SaniSpray HP 20 Electrostatic ProPack

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Patented electrostatic and airless technologies deliver the highest spraying and wrapping power for the fastest, most complete, consistent coverage of disinfectants. The ProPack provides a comfortable backpack that holds 9X the material and the ability to switch to the smaller FlexLiner container.

Delivers 30% higher electrostatic charge for superior wrapping coverage while the most powerful airless spray applies disinfectants 10X faster using less material to save on material costs.

  • Spray Longer With Fewer Refills
    • Holds up to 3 gallons of material
    • Supports continuous spraying without refilling on a single battery charge
    • Comfortable, ergonomic and portable high production system
  • Consistent Electrostatic Charge
    • Reliable charge from low and high battery levels
  • Efficient Chemical Usage
    • Electrostatic technology delivers wrapping power to completely coat complex surfaces faster with less chemical
  • Reliable Grounding
    • Dual grounding design ensures positive contact and effective operation
    • Oversized Grounding Bar and positive contact wrist and boot straps
  • Fill & Spray 42 oz FlexLiner Bag System
    • Easily move from room to room
    • Spray in any direction—even upside down
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Backpack
    • Holds over 9X the material capacity
    • Evenly distributes the weight of the material on your back
    • Adjustable all-day-support straps for a comfortable, secure fit
    • Portable carry handle
  • QuickChange Between ProPack and FlexLiner Cup
    • Stage multiple FlexLiners and ProPacks to quickly switch chemicals
    • Complete every task on every job FAST — just click and go!
  • High Power LED Light
    • Provides light in dark spaces to ensure complete coverage is delivered
  • Adjustable Flow Control
    • Full range control delivers either complete coverage on specific objects or fine spray within an area
  • Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) Spray Tips
    • Choose from 14 RAC X FF LP tip sizes & 10 RAC X LP tip sizes to meet your disinfectant’s dwell time and requirements