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Autrey's Goal Line Field Paint

Pro Down M-Series 1-Man Sled

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Train offensive and defensive linemen to hone their skills in the trenches with the Pro Down M-Series 1-Man Football Sled. Weighing 230 lb., this football sled allows larger players to practice against life-size versions of their opponents, so they are prepared to make the big play at game time. The flat-leaf spring simulates real game situations by absorbing impact from player blocks and using it to recoil against the blocker and apply resisting pressure. This football sled can be used on nearly any field type thanks to the tubular steel skids.


      • Powdercoat steel frame is durable enough to withstand outdoor use and hits from large players
      • Designed to help offensive and defensive football players in physical leagues and programs practice one-on-one blocks
      • Super-duty flat-leaf spring mimics real game situations by absorbing the recoil from player blocks and using it to put resistant pressure on the blocker
      • Vinyl pads provide a safe and protective surface for players to practice making hits and blocks on life-size opponents
      • Tubular steel skids can move on nearly any type of field or turf surface
      • Activity: Football
      • Brand: Pro Down
      • Material: Vinyl
      • Product Weight: 230 lb.
      • Quantity: 1



  • All steel powder coated frame construction
  • Super-duty flat leaf springs absorb shock and bounce back providing maximum recoil
  • Tubular steel skids for durability and performance on all field types
  • Stock pads available in cone or pro pad design in royal blue