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Autrey's Goal Line Field Paint

Graco LineLazer V 200DC HP Automatic Series Airless Line Striper w/ 2 Auto Guns

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Ideal for smaller dual color jobs, the new LineLazer V 200DC simplifies the 2-color application process. Striping contractors can improve their efficiency and profitability by eliminating the need for separate “yellow” and “white” machines and spending less time refilling materials.

The HP Automatic Series adds enhanced features that provide contractors automatic line production capability, including skip-lines, as well as real-time job performance data for proof-of-job requirements.

  • Automatic, Semi-Automatic Guns
    • Push Button Control
    • Perfect to use on Airports
    • Takes the guesswork out of line length
  • J-Log System with USB Download
    • Valuable Job Information –
    • Proof of job = More striping opportunities
    • USB download capability allows you to capture and save all job data
  • On-Board Battery Power
    • 12 Volt battery stays charged when unit is running
    • Easily power LED lights, safety beacons and lasers
  • Dual Color Capable 
    • Two Units in One
    • No need for separate “yellow” and “white” machines
  • Large, Dual 10-Gallon Hoppers
    • Less Refilling
  • Dual Graco Hydraulic Motors
    • Uninterrupted Performance
    • Proven no-stall design
  • LiveLook Display with SmartControl
    • Real-time Job Performance Data
    • Tracks all aspects of your job
  • Exclusive LineLazer Cart
    • Stability for straighter lines from the industry’s best-balanced chassis
    • Accepts LineDriver user-friendly ride-on system
  • EasyMark Gun Adjustment System
    • Easy Gun Adjustments
    • Perfect gun alignment every time with easy-to-use Guide Mark System
    • 2-gun capability with QuikSelect Gun Selector
  • EZ Align Wheel System
    • Improved Front Wheel Adjustment
    • Simple way to keep unit tracking straight - no special tools needed