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Autrey's Goal Line

Autrey’s Traffic Paint Aerosol

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Traffic Paints

For Painting Parking Lots, Traffic Paint, Utility Paint, Construction Zone Paint, And Much More. Our Safety Line Traffic Marking Paints are ideal for striping parking lots and marking utilities. They are specially formulated and concentrated for longer lasting durability.

While all of our paints are permanent and suitable for most any application, The Safety Line Brand is a thicker, longer lasting paint made specifically for hard surfaces and high traffic areas.

Our Parking Lot Paint is available in 3 Different Colors in Aerosol 18 oz Cans for easy application or five-gallon buckets.

We also offer a full line of traffic stencils made to order, and are available in any shape or size.

Custom Colors And Orders Available Upon Request Please Give Us A Call About Our Custom Traffic Stencils, we will happily work with you on your specific Traffic Paint Needs.